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Is it a mental illness?

Why are we diagnosing anyone, who does something wrong as someone who is suffering with mental illness?

There are so many people that have had some hard times going through a break-up or divorce, found out someone they loved passed away.

Why do we right away point the finger to mental illness when someone is depressed? Is it easy for us to label a person?

Years back I knew a girl who was living in depression. Her parents took her to the hospital right away to see a psychiatrist.

They immediately put her on medication, which made her even more depressed and caused suicidal thoughts.

She used to be a very happy bubbly young girl. Then she stopped working, stayed in bed and just wanted to be left alone As the days and weeks progressed, I could no longer stop thinking about how she was probably torn inside from not being able to let her family and friends know the truth about her..

I had lost my job, but wanted to help this young girl! I knew what it was….I finally reached out to her. And told her that she needed to meet with someone who is fantastic at resolving depression or figuring out why she is anxious, depressed and not wanting to really live her life…

I paid the amount for her to see this woman.

Three hours later I got a call from my friend who admitted to me that she was Gay….

I always felt that she was, even though she had experienced heterosexual relationships.

I started to cry of joy….and her voice was back to the old happy girl I once knew.

She told her family and everyone impressed her with acceptance and understanding. Joy and happiness returned to her live and depressed days were over.

Being a professional matchmaker and working with so many people it is really sad, that so many young people today are frightened to come out and disclose their sexuality.

Does it really matter who someone chooses as their partner?

A relationship is always based on values, mutual respect and loyalty.

Why do we make people who choose a same sex partner suffer?

So much is mistaken for mental illness or depression.

We need to accept people for who they are and their choices in life.

I have seen so many young gay people take their own lives.

Because someone close to them doesn’t accept their choices.

The world is changing so fast….we need to reach out and accept and stop pretending it is a mental illness.

Take care of people you love and love will take care of you.

Your Susan.

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