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Our Clients

Our clients are individuals with high standards.
They have no time to waste and are not interested in dating as a sport.

They are fully aware of their own worth and refuse to settle for second best.

They may not have problems finding dates on their own, but are interested in building a long lasting relationship with that special someone.

Unlike many other services we are extremely selective and discrete, which is why we have the crème de la crème of clientele.

Client Selection

At Susan Alper we believe that the difference between good and great is attention to detail. We carefully screen, meet, and interview each candidate in order to find their perfect match. Through our proven questionnaire and personal involvement, we take much of the guesswork and fear of the unknown out of the equation. Conducting a thorough screening process is an essential part of ensuring safety and security for our clients. Our clients feel confident knowing that we have personally met with everyone, leaving them to enjoy their dating experience.

After your date we’ll talk with you about how you found it – if this one wasn’t the exact match, we’ll work with you to fine tune the next match.

Typical Clients

Our clients are extremely diverse but they all have one thing in common – they want to find love. We specialize in clients from the top echelon of society who neither can, nor want to spend their time trying to find a partner in bars or on internet sites. Our clients are serious about wanting to find a life long partner.

Young professionals

Young professionals are accomplished, intelligent, and busy. In today’s fast paced world people look for expert help with personal and professional goals. However, when it comes to finding love, many busy, successful singles continue to take a haphazard approach when seeking a romantic partner. Is it any wonder that methods like Internet dating, frequenting bars or speed dating usually fall short of your expectations?

Dating is serious business. Few things will have a greater impact on your future than your choice of a mate. The person you choose to be with will influence your lifestyle, finances, standard of living, and outlook on life.

Divorce or widowers/widows

Finding love again can be hard. Letting go of your past to the extent that you are ready to find love again can be exhausting. Let us find you someone who can make you live again. Whatever your age, loving again is possible and we at Susan Alper want to help you find it.


Executives are busy and by the nature of their success they are good at what they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are successful at dating. Whether you are looking for someone who works at the same level as you, or someone who can just be there to support you, Susan Alper can help. Our network of North American singles is sure to include the right person for you.

Professional athletes

Being at the top of your league is a heady place. Pushing yourself to be the best is a full time job, leaving little time to look for a quality relationship. Our discreet and confidential service will help you find a partner who will appreciate your high energy lifestyle and be the life partner you’ve been looking for.

High Profile

Discerning millionaires, executives and celebrities put their trust in us to locate individuals who appreciate a special lifestyle and who are honest and fun. At Susan Alper our discreet, confidential and personal service will help you find someone who shares the same passions as you.

Our clients expect discretion and they get it, whether they are professional athletes, actresses, entrepreneurs, or retired businessmen they can be assured that their information will be held in the strictest confidence. We will not compromise the trust of our clients.



After a messy break up, Susan coached me to find my true self, understand my worth and rebuild my self esteem. She pin pointed exactly where I needed to grow and helped me understand what I needed to help see me through my situation and guide me to move on. She is intuitive and honest and genuinely cares for your best interest


I’ve known Susan for many years, more than either of us will admit. She has always helped me to find the best in myself. She has a keen eye and her intuition is right on. She can read a person in a very short period of time. She knows the right questions to ask and what the answers mean, as well as how to convert those answers into personal change and growth. Most of us can not see what we are about or how to correct certain personality traits we have, that’s why Susan is so important. She does it naturally and is never very far from the truth!

Guy W

“Susan has impressed me with her personable and intimate approach. She asked a lot of questions and proposed options outside of what I initially defined for myself. A combination of active listening, critical thinking, innate creativity and experience is a winning combination that sets Susan apart from her competitors. She matched me successfully very quickly.”


“Susan Alper offers world-class services. I’ve rarely met someone so dedicated to her clients. Her approach is highly personalized, very caring, selective and very intuitive. Not only does this enable her to really get to know her clients, but it also forces us to take a strong look at ourselves, our hopes and our needs, our strengths and weaknesses. Susan really got me in touch with myself so I can truly be ready for the perfect match!”


“Dear Susan,
I just wanted to contact you personally to thank you for all the wonderful assistance you provided for me to my personal life. I finally grasp the situation that I am in, thanks to you and your adage.”You must love yourself before you can love anyone else”, could not mean more
since working with you. Not only has my personal life done a 180 but my business life is on fire as well. You have been an absolute inspiration to me and because of you I am now in a much better space than I have been in for years. You are the best and you can certainly count on my support and recommendation when ever it is needed ! ” Simply the Best, Better than all the Rest.”

Best Regards -Wayne G.

“I have hired Susan Alper as my connecter and she is so good. She gives me an amazing service, helping me with my looks, giving me advices on how to be on a date, how to dress, and where to go (because she knows all of the best places to have a first date). She is always available to help you and she is the person I trust to find me the perfect husband. She takes the time to listen and to understand my dreams, my wishes, and my needs and makes me feel at home and comfortable. I used to go on dating sites and I was always disappointed, and at one point I had lost confidence in myself. Because of Susan I’ve regained confidence now and I feel like a new start is opening up for me. I know that I am in good hands with Susan Alper. Thank you.”

Audrey B.

When I was single. Life was fun but I was always dreaming of Mr right! I was lucky to have met many men but not the right ones for me and timing was off when I met a good one. At forty (never married, no children) I knew it was time to make that change and go to a matchmaker. The one and only Susan Alper, She knew both parties involved and had that strong intuition if the match would fit and on our first date i knew that he was the man for me and Susan was dead on. Fate and timing, we were both on the same page and ready for love. We are together for two and half years later, living together, engagement ring on my finger and planning our long term future together. We have a life of happiness, fun and travel. Perfect match for both! We are a complete package together and I thank Susan every day! She is the best and I tell her all the time.

A happy couple

Hi Susan!I just came back from my date with Sasha and she exceeded all of my expectations.We are a good match.I’m very glad I came to you.Have a good day! 


"Susan led me to a new career opportunity through matching me with the right business contact. I consider her a heaven-sent angel for helping me find a position that allows me to apply my knowledge and talent. I now have the opportunity to learn new things and face new challenges through fast-paced day-to-day activities of the business."


"After serial dating for 5 years and reaching my breaking point, I came to realize I wasn’t built for the dreadful process of online dating. Susan’s traditional yet modern-day approach to dating, combined with her intuition helped me find my future husband. The process felt so easy and natural with her help. Despite living in different cities then the person she matched me up with, I trusted Susan’s matchmaking instincts and was rewarded with a partner who I will soon marry. I am eternally grateful for her and how she changed our lives forever."

Mr & Mrs

"When I first met Susan, I had no luck with women. I was a grumpy, negative man who wanted to find love and raise a family. I felt like giving up and I thought no woman would ever love me for who I was. Susan's coaching helped me become a more positive person and a confident man. She changed my wardrobe and gave me a new look. Most importantly, she changed the way I presented myself to the world. It was only then that I realized that to love someone, I had to open my own heart and not be afraid to put myself out there. That I was worth it.


It wasn't easy, but Susan helped me become the best version of myself. Every step of the way, she was there to coach me. When I was ready to welcome a woman in my life, she set me up with a wonderful woman. Now, I am confident that I can realize my life long dream of raising a family with the most beautiful woman in the world. Truly, the best investment I ever made.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you Susan!"

Simon B

"Susan has changed my life!! She has brought so much JOY, HAPPINESS and EXCITEMENT.

She has shown and proved that an even deeper love is possible again. My wonderful boyfriend and I are amazed how fast and spot-on she was with putting us together, she is a romance magician!! We thank her out loud (TOL) everyday .

Thank you Susan Alper for changing our lives!! Romeo & Juliet xoxo"


"My friend just hired Susan and I was curious about who he selected . . .  
I went on your website and saw the 38-minute video - It was brilliant!   

I currently don’t need your services but wanted to reach out to tell you that i find you to be amazing and told my friend he made a genius choice in retaining your services. 

From your fashion sense to your voice, intuition and insight, energy and experience, I loved everything you said in the video!   

I think you’re extremely inspiring and wanted to let you know that!     


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