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September 25, 2019

As summer has come to a close, the nostalgia of a new school year probably has you looking back on your summer vacation and wondering whether you enjoyed it to the fullest? Did you have fun? Did you do everything you had hoped and wished too?

Reflecting on my own summer...

We live in a new era where our pets have been become a fur version of children.

With many people pursuing their career goals and thriving in their work, the “fur child” (the commonly used term for a pet dog or cat) has exploded in recent years. Far less people are havin...

A noticeable trend I’ve come to realize over the years through my work as a matchmaker is that people have a tremendous fear that they will end up alone or die without ever having found their soulmate, ideal partner or having children.

It’s understandable given that as...

November 30, 2018

Matchmaking and real estate are very similar.

As the common saying goes, “you can’t be happy if you don’t know what you want and/or need”. This applies as much to a home as a love interest.

You can't find the perfect home to be happy if you don't know really what you wan...

November 17, 2018

Change the cover of your book, so it reads your story on the outside.

We live in a time where pictures flood the airways, social media and beyond. Our snapshots are a postmark in time of what we look like and who we are.

The issue then becomes what WE SEE in the photogra...

“Growing up in a broken home” that was the term used for kids whose parents were divorced, some 40+ years ago.

Today, divorce is nothing like it was back in my early years. Women today are not branded by the stigma of being divorced like they once were; they continue al...

It took me years to understand that order to love someone fully, you must first love yourself.

At first, I thought that meant being selfish and not putting others first - it's a habit of mine I adopted while growing up, thinking that loving others first was most importa...

Au fil des ans, on m'a demandé à plusieurs reprises pourquoi et comment je suis devenue entrepreneure, entremetteure et coach de vie.

Ce changement de carrière est survenu au moment où j'ai été confrontée à une impasse professionnelle. En 2006, j'ai mon univers s'est éc...

Over the years I have been repeatedly asked why and how I became a matchmaker, a lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur.

The change in my career path happened when my former journey hit a dead end. In 2006, I hit rock bottom; losing nearly everything, including my health. Th...

ENVY; The veil of jealousy that is worn by those who find little happiness and satisfaction in their own lives, resenting the successes and accomplishments of others, they feel they deserve.

There is this overwhelming need to expose what’s wrong with someone when you c...

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