What makes Susan Alper Connections different from other matchmaking services (such as online dating), is that each client's meeting is personalized. Rather than simply asking you to fill out the same questionnaire, with a multitude of closed-ended questions, we spend quality time understanding you as an individual. 

Our method works because we understand that in order for a relationship to work, individuals need to complement one another. By taking the time to meet and getting to know our clients, we’re able to understand them at a more intimate level.
After our meeting we will work through our extensive network of clients to find someone who best suits your needs. 

Our aim is to take the time to truly understand what it is you desire most from a romantic relationship, so we can help you find that special someone to call your true life partner. To have a strong relationship, we in part need to know who our partner truly is, and having this more intimate knowledge can help us to better pair two individuals.