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Life Is Not A Rehearsal…So Get Offline!

Are you having problems meeting, “the one?” Well don’t turn towards your computer to find them.

Contrary to what sitcoms tell us, there aren’t too many couples who met at the produce section of local supermarket and the internet is a scary place for many.

Believe it or not, I get most of my clients after they’ve had bad experiences online dating. I’m not knocking the web, it actually works well for some people, but the complaint I hear most often is that people misrepresent themselves and don’t always look like the picture they’ve posted. It’s also hard to know what someone really wants. Just because they say they want marriage and kids, it’s not always the case. They could be after one night more than one love.

I find it’s always best to get set-up by friends who know both people. But if you already know all your friends’ friends, that’s where I come. I have met all my clients and I screen my clients very carefully. My client selection is not based exclusively on outer beauty because that is the area I can work with. As long as they are open to a new style that will highlight their unique identity. Although I tell people to be realistic in their expectations, I also tell people to remember when looking for a mate, the most important beauty is in the inside. It’s a lesson, I find a lot of men and a surprising amount of women, needs to be reminded.

Are you having difficulty meeting that right person? Do you keep repeating the same patterns, which don’t seem to work out? Life is not a rehearsal, there is no time to waste so take action!

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