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Connect with each other through the power of love

On this Valentine’s Day, let us take a moment to show our love and support to those closest to us. While gifts of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are traditional, the past few years have reminded us of the immense loss and heartache that can befall our world.

The ongoing pandemic, devastating illnesses, and tragic events have taken too many loved ones from us. The recent passing of Lisa Marie Presley only serves to reinforce the reality that the heart can only endure so much hardship.

It is time to come together and heal the wounds inflicted by hate, division, and social media jealousy.

Let us use today to connect with each other through the power of love and work towards creating a safer world for the next generation.

A world where our children can feel safe in schools, restaurants, Theaters, and public gatherings.

Let us stand together and make this Valentine’s Day a powerful symbol of hope, unity, and love.

Please share with as many ♥️ today.


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