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Celebrity dating issues

Do you know how a celebrity feels on a date? The same way we do!

Why do celebrities seem to break up? Remember Tiger Woods’divorce? Or Charlie Sheen’s infamous personal life. Imagine if it’s hard for the average person to maintain a relationship without Social media knowing their every move. How do you think celebrities feel? Someone is always looking at their wrong doing and magnifying it 10 times over!

When two famous people are seeking the spot light, they are going on to the head collision with their egos and carrier paths. Opposite people are usually the ones that turn out to be the successful relationships, since they complete each other in different areas.

One of my successful celebrity relationships has worked out really well when I matched the celebrity with someone outside the spot light. (Opposites do attract!) He is a successful athlete and his wife knew from day one that she would be following him on the road and that their children would be home schooled. This way they would be able to have a normal family life.

While handling well constant media attention.

That is an example of a successful relationship!

For the celebrates without mentioning names………..They are just like the average person who for some reason seeks out the wrong partner and needs dating coaching or professional matchmaker to find them someone outside the box….that comfort zone.

They are human and need the same from a partner as everyone else needs: love, trust and happiness.

Celebrities also have been dealt some difficult times in their lives, that affected they choices in a wrong direction. You should always remember, that even the most popular people in the world may have issues dating or finding the right partner. Sometimes, with our busy schedules today we may just settle with anyone instead of waiting for the right one.

I guess we can all use a dating pro to weed out the wrong!

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