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Why woman should stop blaming men for their dating issues‏‎

Women tend to blame men for their dating issues. How often you can hear:

“There is no great men out there! Only loosers and jerks!”

It is so far from the truth… There are so many wonderful men, which I can honestly say, since I work mostly with men. Men are so confused with what women say and what they really want. Some women tell men, that they are financially independent, they work long hours and enjoy going to the gym.

Men wonder, where do they fit in this busy schedule?

Also man doesn’t know that he is still expected to pay, even though a woman was telling him about her financial independence a minute ago. Sometimes, women say things, but actually they don’t mean a word they say.

Women want to meet men their age, no more than 5-10 years of age difference. If only they would look at the character compatibility and ease the focus from the age. Believe me, they would find men, who will treat them properly and enjoy being with them. Experienced men already played enough and they know exactly what they want and don’t want. When a man is young, he only thinks he knows what he wants…..

Women need to be more open minded about age and just enjoy the years together. It is much better to have 30 happy years together, than 60 miserable. Women look for a man to show up on their doorstep, looking perfect and saying all the right things. Let’s be realistic, that’s why they can’t find a good partner today, because NOBODY IS PERFECT.

Honestly, mean really don’t know what woman want from them today. Years ago most of the women wanted to stay home and raise kids and her full time career was taking care of the family and home. Fast forward 30 years later and you will find that women have high paid executive positions. They are working late hours and they don’t want to raise the family.

Where does the man fit it? What do women want from their partner is the question today.

You can clearly see, that men are confused today more than ever in trying to understand: What do women want? At the same time women are trying to understand: What they are looking for in their partner? Do they want someone kind, rich, generous? Most women you ask are seeking a wealthy man. Then they are disappointed, because he turns out to be rich, but cheap and stingy.

Why women don’t look for a kind man, who is a generous person? A generous person is usually a giving person in all the aspects. As for looking for a tall man, what about a shorter man who has lots of confidence. It could come as a big surprise, that shorter men tend to try harder to please the woman. Women should be open to meeting a shorter man…. Since one never knows…

Great things come in smaller packages. Women need to be more open minded and focus on meeting someone they never thought they would date. Go with an open mind!

As a professional matchmaker I will do a lifestyle make over if needed, so you will look and feel your best. It all starts from yourself. How you feel inside, is what you will attract outside. I can tell you, that over 80% of my happy successful matches were mostly people that would have never picked each other on any internet site or in a bar event at the party. It is time for women to change your bucket list and go out with the new attitude. There are so many wonderful men and I can tell you, that I GET THE BEST of them.

There is a joke, that women are like phones: they like to be held, talked to and touched often, but push the wrong button and your ass gets disconnected!

Your matchmaker,

Susan Alper.

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