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Love is the game, Don’t judge the players

We all think we are open-minded, and that we do not judge. That however, is the farthest thing from the truth. We are all part of the same game of life, and unfortunately, we all serve as judge and jury.

Today’s parents may in fact want what is best for their children, but do they accept their children for who they are, or for who they WANT them to be?

Youth of today face many hardships; some more difficult than others. Parents need to love their children for themselves, and not judge their sexual orientation or their choice of life partner.

Your child is your child no matter what his or her gender or sexuality. Love is supposed to have no boundaries; if that’s so why do some parents have such a difficult time accepting their children for who they are and not for who they want them to be?

Heterosexual or homosexual it should make no difference; love is supposed to be acceptance at every level. The sexual orientation of your child is hardly what gives them self-worth. Parents must look at their children for who they are and who they will become.

Whether your child is gay or straight it’s the person they become that reflects on each of us as a parent. Every child must find his or her place in the world; their achievements will depend on values, hard work and the strength to cope with whatever life throws their way.

If you are the parent of a gay child, do not judge your child by their sexual orientation but rather help mold them into the type of person that would make you proud.


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