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As we all have learnt, loneliness can have different meanings. It does not only refer to being alone, it can also mean being alone in a relationship with the wrong person.

Being alone does not mean that you are lonely. Many people prefer to be alone, or may choose to be alone, and take this time to reflect on themselves and their lives. Everyone should take time for themselves, it’s not only important, but rather necessary and extremely healthy.

Other people are desperate enough to spend time with people they dislike, or have nothing in common with, just so they don’t have to be alone, or worse, be labelled as a loner. It is so much more damaging to be with the wrong person, than to be by yourself.

Loneliness, can mean so many different things. You can actually be alone, or you can be in a relationship, and FEEL ALONE! It is difficult to know which one feels worse; always try to look at things from every perspective, being in your own company, means never being alone.

How does one find the perfect partner, unless they fully understand themselves. Take the time to do things alone, and figure out what truly makes you happy. Firstly, get to know yourself, you need to be your own best friend. Go to the movies alone, go to restaurants alone, take yourself out for a drink. Find out who you really are, and what you are looking for in a lifetime partner. You need to feel complete as a person, before you can share yourself with anybody else.

It is very important to know and understand, that if you do not love yourself, you will never be happy alone, or with anybody else. As it is said, LOVE THYSELF!

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