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Tears of a Matchmaker

Why would you hire a matchmaker?

Let me share my tears with you. I was single off-and-on for many years of my life, constantly wondering why I was always meeting the wrong kind of men.

When someone suggested I hire a matchmaker, I said “What?!? I don’t need someone to find me a man?” The concept of a matchmaker sounded so ridiculous, especially when I was having no problem meeting my fair share of playboys. But the suggestion peaked my interest, so I searched for fun and found dozens of matchmakers based in New York City. As much of I love New York, I knew my life wouldn’t be a homage to Sex and the City, so I nixed the idea of moving to New York to meet my potential soul mate.

Fast forward past Sarah Jessica Parker and Co., then me almost packing my bags for New York, and a friend recommended online dating. Of course I knew nothing about virtual dating, and quite honestly I was scared of having some crazy person stalk me and want to wear my skin as a bodysuit. But in the effort to find true love I locked my doors and windows and tried online dating. After ending up in a lesbian chat room after my first attempt at cyber dating I quickly ended my love affair with my computer.

I knew there were great men out there; some of my best friends were male and all the men I worked with were gentlemen; I had fantastic male friendships. But when it came to my love life I was beginning to feel cursed.

Then after a disastrous string of blind dates, I swore I’d never subject myself to anymore of this dating madness, except I was quickly running out of avenues to find my perfect man.

Out on my own again but still not giving up, I joined a few divorcé girlfriends for a night-out on the town. A chance meeting on a whim outing, and I was sure I had found the man of my dream. But how was this possible? A recently divorced man with a grown child was what was meant for me all along? I was so dumbfounded and confused, but I had nothing to lose, I wasn’t missing much by way of quality on my current Rolodex, so why not go outside my circle.

I only merely avoided a lonely life with cats, and that’s when it hit me, that after years of knowing what was best for so many people around me who were happily married, I needed to start to trust those same instincts in my own life.

I always knew I was intuitive and very perceptive when it came to people and their relationships. One of my more psychic moments was when I sent my girlfriend to Miami to find a man. Though there were some fumbles along the way with disastrous dates her friends had set her up on, as we drove down south beach one afternoon, my spidy sense was tingling and I said, “don’t give up, you’re going to meet your husband in a few weeks at a restaurant … Oh and he lives on the water”. Of course my friend called me crazy, to which I replied, “yes Crazy, with a twist of something special.” A few weeks later she was engaged and 3 months later married. Now, she has two wonderful boys, a loving husband, a cat and a dog.

I realized my gift and purpose, and I charged full steam ahead. I new there was a demand for a good matchmaker, right here, with an international database. And so my career as a professional matchmaker began, and all my personal tears from my own experiences paid their dues in all their wealth of knowledge.

Seven years after meeting my soul mate, I’m engaged and share a beautiful love with an amazing partner. You find what you are looking for, in the most unusual places. My own relationship is a testament to that! Moreover, this incredible man encouraged and supported me to purse my destiny as a matchmaker because he believed in my gift.

Since it’s inception my business has been a huge success. People are so busy today, they have little time to be on the hunt outside their comfort zone, so they settle based on a pool from a much smaller circle because they panic about being alone.

Most people end up settling, for many different reasons and they end up unhappy or with regrets. A matchmaker is a way to avoid the legwork, expand your horizons and help you find a partner. The service of a matchmaker has been tainted by the notion that it’s meant for people who can’t find a mate or connection, but in reality it’s really an opportunity to work with a professional who specializes in love and relationships. Would you ask your friend to fix a broken tooth or would you go to a dentist? It’s about as simple as that, entrust your heart to a professional, you’ll LOVE the results.

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