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Long-Distance Relationships

In today’s society, the search for a soulmate, life partner, and any other intimate relationship, has become difficult and at the very least confusing. Years ago there was really only three ways to meet “The One”, in a bar, through friends, or through an old fashioned matchmaker. Today, almost all searches are done through social media and online dating services. That includes the most personal and intimate of all searches, the “Relationship” search. It is surprising that the same way you would research and buy a set of used tires, is the same way you would search for your perfect mate. It seems like a very cold and impersonal way to find something, or in this case, someone with whom you would want to spend the rest of your life with, or at the very least, share an intimate relationship.

As s professional matchmaker I’m all for the old school methods: using personal intuition, acting on a hunch, and feel the calling to be with the other person.

People who are unable to see or realize what they are truly looking for, and what is best for them, are usually people who don’t really know themselves. It usually takes a person on the outside that can clearly see the truth and reality of the situation, like a friend or a matchmaker, to help you define your personality and needs from a relationship.

Once you are aware of who you are and what are your needs are it is easier to recognize your soulmate.

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