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How To Be Alone During The Holidays

As the holidays approach, we hear stories about people who are lonely or alone. As a woman that spent most of my life alone, the holidays were not that difficult as I had grown accustomed to being alone. Ironically, being alone is not always a negative. I found I was able to look within, get to really know and understand myself, find inner strengths I never before knew I had and I embraced the opportunity to make the necessary changes as the year came to an end.

Once while eating out, I asked a waitress to come see a movie with me. She had confided in me that she was alone and that things were financially difficult for her yet she so wished to see the movie that I was on my way to watch. I invited her as my guest and not only did we enjoy the movie, we went back to the restaurant for a Christmas turkey dinner afterwards!

The mistake that so many make is focusing on being alone rather than focusing on getting to know themselves, enjoying the friend they have within and learning to appreciate the opportunity for reflection.

It’s a good time to try something different. Take skiing for example. Even if you never skied enjoy the winter, go up North, to a ski resort, walk around, have a hot chocolate! You never know who may be doing the same thing and you might even make a new friend.

Doing charity work can never be lonely. I remember years ago around Christmas, visiting young children in the hospital. I made lots of friends and at the same time, I had lots of fun meeting doctors and nurses in addition to such loving, appreciative children. We all had a wonderful time and it passed so quickly-nobody felt lonely that day.

I carried that feeling with me and I welcomed the New Year with such a great, positive attitude, taking away from what the children taught me. You can struggle and life can sometimes be difficult, but their positive attitude and rosy way of seeing life as blissful were contagious!

I hope that everyone can find ways to make a difference in somebody else’s life while making your holidays full of love♥️

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