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Match me with my forever home

Matchmaking and real estate are very similar.

As the common saying goes, “you can’t be happy if you don’t know what you want and/or need”. This applies as much to a home as a love interest.

You can't find the perfect home to be happy if you don't know really what you want or need.

When a client hires me for lifestyle matchmaking, it’s more than just fixing up their what’s a little out of sync in their day-to-day existence and surroundings.

A few months back I worked with a young professional man, after delving into his lifestyle, it became fairly evident things were in disarray. He was a single fellow, working for a trendy high-end company in the downtown core, but living way up in the suburbs. His daily commute was over 3 hours and he worked long days into the late evening.

I asked him if he realized his commute to and from work was eating up most of his spare time and inquired if he actually enjoyed spending such a high percentage of his day driving as opposed to actually enjoying what day he had left outside of his career.

Knowing he had hired me to help him align his life and become happier with his lifestyle, I suggested looking at some nice trendy loft condos about a block or so from his work. This would almost eliminate his commute entirely, plus the added bonus of stress and wasted hours on the road. The quiet lonely suburb where he lived didn’t really seem like the right fit for him either. Moving closer to the downtown area opened up a whole new world of exciting things to explore and enjoy. Trendy restaurants, coffee shops, numerous pubs and bars and so much more, only a short distance from his work and a prospective new residence.

He took a few days got back to me, but I had peaked his interest so he asked me to hire a real estate agent to start looking at what options were available.

I hired him a real estate agent that best suited his personality and interests. Matching a client in love and /or business is two of the same. There needs to be a connection and some common ground between the two people working together to achieve a mutually beneficial objective. It may seem insignificant or irrelevant even, but truly it makes all the difference. You need the right ingredients to make a satisfying meal, just as you need the right people assisting you to help you discover the best prospects.

We all met up and the stage was set!

He put his home up for sale on the market, bought a beautiful condo and while shopping for home finishing’s at a vendor I suggested, he met a beautiful friendly young single woman who helped him pick all his new appliances and furniture.

Fast-forward 6 months, while hosting a house warming cocktail party at his new condo, he popped a bottle of champagne to toast and propose to his new sweetheart.

Life and love work in mysterious ways; open yourself up to change and optimize your happiness and you may be surprised how easily things will just fall into place

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