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“Zoom” into the New Reality

We are all facing unprecedented times with the COVID19 pandemic. Aside from the fact that we are in fear of exposing ourselves and contracting the disease we have been ordered to self-isolate, making socializing but more specifically dating nearly impossible.

Except wait, is that really the case? I mean everyone else has gone digital during this period “making it work” remotely, so why can’t we do the same with socializing, networking, mingling, dating, but more specifically matchmaking!

As a matchmaker I have prided myself to doing business face-to-face as much as possible, and I have encouraged my clients to do the same, taking the more traditional sense and deterred them from meeting their match online or via video chat/other for the first time.

I have always been against going online because I’m not an online dating service, I offer a customized service to my clients. I felt if I took my business online it would confuse prospective clients; that those seeking love and wanting to meet their match would just assume I’m a dating site and not understand that I actually offer an entirely different type of personal matchmaking service.

Prior to the quarantine, we typically used video chats more for friends, family and loved ones that lived further away, and it was possible to just hop into our car and go visit, but there’s a new virtual reality readily available at our finger tips that I had completely overlooked and for me it’s Zoom!

So, if you’re new to Zoom like me, it’s an easy and reliable way to video and audio conference, for business and personal. It’s the top video communication application people have been using during the quarantine to stay in touch with their friends, families and loved ones and everyone else!

Here are the top reasons it’s my new favorite thing! And how this application is ensuring I can keep my match-making and coaching services high-quality, discreet and still personalized:

  1. I can introduce you to a person in the same city or another city.

  2. It’s great because you will both feel more comfortable chatting from your own home and/or space.

  3. I interview both parties virtually as I would normally in person, so I know if you’re compatible. I can’t create chemistry but just both people being more relaxed and not having to go out and meet a complete stranger can make dating a lot more fun, and less often awkward

  4. You can still share a drink or dinner only it’s homemade and no one worries who will pay the bill!

  5. I can join in on your first date if you want. Some people are really shy. Men tend to be a bit more reserved versus women who usually always manage to find something to chat about. It’s not for everyone, but sometimes having a third party who knows both people because I’ve matched them can help overcome this.

Before the Coronavirus I did a lot of Facetime dates for those who were in different cities. I’d often suggest they go to a restaurant each in their own local restaurant and video chat over dinner, like they are actually on a first dinner date together. Very often one person even would arrange payment of the other persons meal like offering to pay at the restaurant which made it seem even all the more like a real date. This worked very very successfully for my clients who we’re seeking a love interest in another city.

So if you thought your dating life was over or lost hope you wouldn’t meet you perfect match during self-isolation or worse, that my services as a matchmaker we’re “closed for business”, think again we’re running business and love as usual only with a virtual twist!

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