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Love in Quarantine

2020 has been extremely challenging for most of us.

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, a lot of people have had varying degrees of change in their professional lives; having to change careers and/or personal lives; hardships in their relationships.

The one thing this period has granted us is time to reflect on what is really important and to let go of what no longer feeds our soul happiness.

Interestingly, there has been an uptick in matchmaking men these days.

Generally, men have become a lot less superficial and have come to realize that they need to choose a partner that will keep them happy on an emotional level especially during such an unpredictable period.

A pretty face is not going to cut it anymore in lockdown!

In life, it is sometimes hard to decipher what we “want” from what we “need”. Some of the most desirable and fulfilling traits in a partner are strength, perseverance, intellect, understanding and humor.

Often overlooked or deemed less important attributes, these qualities are making a comeback!

So now with more restrictions being laid out due to increased cases of COVID19 it is time to seize the day. Start working on resetting your goals for 2021, make time for love and start building deeper and more profound connections and relationships with yourself and others.

Loneliness has been a crippling consequence of COVID. Humans are social animals and socializing is essential for most of us, so it goes without saying we feel deprived of a basic need, since we are being forced into confinement.

That said, take control during these uncertain times and find ways to stay connected, interact with others and explore a fuller more meaningful love and intimacy in your relationships. We will come out of this with a much greater appreciation of the simplest things.

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