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Discrete upscale personal connections for discerning people. 
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Connecting & More

With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of successful matches, Susan Alper understands the needs of her clients. In today's fast-paced high-tech world the modern executive needs an edge when it comes to connecting with that special someone or for a profitable business partnership.

How We Help

Romance - Finding the right romantic partner is an art and a science. Based on years of experience and a deep understanding of human nature Susan has helped couples connect and form happy lifelong relationships.

Lifestyle - Every man wants to understand how a woman thinks. Susan solves that problem for her clients by coaching them on everything from grooming, home decor, and conversational pointers for dating and job interviews.

Business - Trust is the basis for all business relationships. Executives all around the world have come to rely on Susan's good judgment, good taste, and business acumen. She is creating dynamic & highly profitable business partnerships by connecting executives from her vast network. 

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Susan Alper Certified Matchmaker

Welcome to Susan Alper Connections!

We help highly successful, busy executives
connect and form lasting relationships.

Why We Are Successful
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Over the years, Susan Alper, the woman behind Susan Alper Connections has developed a very special talent. Because of her ability to form deep trusting relationships with her clients, she is able to get them to open up and reveal things to her that they may never have realized about themselves before. Using this deep insight and her experience Susan is able to bring people together on a much deeper level, one that forms lasting bonds.


Susan's rich career in the fashion industry taught her it’s not just about the clothes, but how you wear them that counts. Coaching her clients not just on what to wear but on how to have the confidence and poise to let their true winning personality shine through is one of Susan's secret weapons.


Powerful and influential executives from around the globe have placed their trust in Susan to help them with their personal romantic relationships. They have also come to rely on her good judgement and discretion when it comes to corporate matchmaking. Susan's vast network of international connections combined with her in-depth knowledge of their character makes her the natural choice to make profitable business introductions. 

The Ideal  Connector

What makes Susan the ideal connector is the fact that she cares deeply for people. Many years ago, she recognized the need for her unique abilities and started Susan Alper Connections.


Her passion for connecting and coaching has always been based on bringing the right individuals together and helping her clients address any issues that might be standing in the way of finding a happy and healthy relationship. "I take the time to meet and really get to know each and every client. My name is on the business so I take it very seriously."

Susan’s creative mind and her natural talent for connecting with people means her clients find the right match often on the first meeting. Susan loves to motivate people to be happy and enjoy every single day.

Always researching new ways to keep up with today’s modern trends, Susan Alper Connections is careful to protect their clients from the potential hazards of social media.  Using old-school networking and modern technology, Susan can take her clients and/or their relationships to a whole new level. Susan Alper's extraordinary expertise in connecting has benefited countless people. And she can help you too! “Being happy is the best reward for success”, says Susan.

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